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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

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Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are a type of virtual server running from within a cloud computing environment. They are at the core of all cloud computing products and services.

Cloud servers are sometimes confused with Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) and while similar there is a distinct difference which is important for you to understand. While a cloud server are in fact a virtual dedicated server, a virtual dedicated server is not always a cloud server.

Cloud servers are different from the traditional VDS because a cloud server has no single point of failure. Cloud servers are run from a cluster of physical hardware and network points while a traditional VDS is placed on a single piece of hardware and so the VDS is always at risk from a single point of failure. Cloud servers can easily and automatically migrate themselves to alternate physical hardware in the event of a hardware failure.

Cloud servers are more robust as they run from a software independent perspective. The cloud server isn’t dependent on any centrally installed software so in the event of a physical hardware failure all of the installed software is free to migrate to the new host without affecting the users.